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Autumn. My favourite season. I love everything about it. The way the early mornings, late evenings start to have a crispness about them. The burnished edges to leaves as the trees start edging their way into letting go. The cosiness. I love it all!
So, to embrace all that is Autumn, I have created these adorable little pumpkin wax melts. You have the choice of either essential oil blends, or perfume oil fragrances. I have chosen 3 of the best selling Autumnal scents from the essential oil range, Fallen Leaves, Bohemia, and Winters Song, (full descriptions of these scents can be found under the candle section). I have also chosen 4 scents from the Maple Leaf Melts range, Hedgerow, Inglenook, Sweater Weather and Reading Nook.
Each box has 5 pumpkins within it. You can choose between white or creamy orange, or a mix of the two. The choice is yours
Each 18g melt will emit fragrance for around 8 hours in the essential oil blends, and 12 hours in the perfume oil scents. 
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