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It is of the upmost importance to me that Whist treads gently on our planet. Everything from the ingredients that go into a Whist product, to the way they are presented and packaged, is considered. I am truly passionate about our beautiful planet. I have lived a vegan, low waste, eco conscious lifestyle for many years. I write an eco lifestyle blog. I also wrote a monthly magazine column giving advice on living planet friendly, up until 2020. It is how I live my life, so there is no compromise on these ethics when it comes to my products.

This page gives you information on some of the ways that Whist keeps within these values.

Trees planted for every sale - Whist products are authentically vegan and eco conscious. We donate towards planting a tree from every single product sale, via a non-profit, indiginous reforestisation programme. One Tree Planted plants trees that are native to the area planted in, all over the World. 

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Refillable Candles - I work with a UK potter, to create all of our ceramic refillable candles, and wax melt warmers. We are incredibly proud of our refillable candles. They are made using sustainably sourced British stone clay, and once the candle is finished, you can simply purchase one of our candle refills and enjoy all over again. 

Sustainably grown and Sourced Wax - Our wax used is a UK/European grown Rapeseed wax, with a little ethically farmed Coconut wax added for stability. The money from sales of the Coconut wax we use, go into a scheme that educates the local farmers on how to grow sustainably for both planet and themselves. 

Essential Oils - Whist only uses essential oils that are in abundance and ethically farmed and sustainably grown. We do not use any oils from flora and fauna species that are on the "at risk" list. Neither do we use essential oils that have a high carbon footprint. You can see the "our fragrance promise" page for more information. 

Eco Friendly Packaging - All of our packaging has been researched, and is eco friendly. Even the inks in our printing and the glue on our candle wicks are biodegradable. We avoid single use plastic wherever possible, and our Maple Leaf wax melts are packaged in a wrap that can go in your compostable recycling. Our packing tape, ribbon, packing peanuts and bubble wrap are all planet friendly. We really have tried to think of every part of how a Whist product is packaged. 

Delivery of Your Purchases - Trying to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, we chose the courier company that we use carefully. Royal Mail has the best carbon record of all delivery companies. It has been identified as the most eco friendly delivery company, scoring 54.5 out of 60 in it's assessment. 

Sustainable Banking - Whist banks with one of the top 3 sustainable banks. It is important that our business partners with other business that take their responsibility to our planet seriously. 

Re-use, re-cycle, reduce - We reuse as much as we can of the packaging that our deliveries come in. We also ensure that we recycle what we can't. We try to reduce the amounts of orders we make, keeping a strict stock schedule so that we can try to order in as few seperate deliveries as possible.

These are just some of the things we do to tread gently on our beautiful planet. We are constantly looking at ways to improve and do even better. It is an absolute promise that we will always have eco conscious as a strong and uncomprimised brand ethic.  

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