Our Fragrance Promise

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Whist is primarily, an essential oil candle and wax melt brand. My products are my  heart felt love letter to our planet. I have worked with essential oils for many years in my career as a holistic therapist, and adore them. The scents you can create using essential oils in home fragrance are simply beautiful, and the therapeutic benefits they may offer, a gift. What could be better than the scents and fragrances that Mother Nature herself supplies us with?

This is why the range of products within Whist is almost entirely pure essential oils. 

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I am also passionate about Whist having minimal impact on our planet. I only use essential oils that are ethically and sustainably farmed. Many of my oils are also certified organic. But, it may surprise you to know that there are some species of flora and fauna that are on the "at risk" list. This means that the trees/plants on this list, are often being farmed quicker than they can grow (like Frankincense), are struggling to flourish in our changing climate, or for many other reasons, are at risk of becoming extinct. 

In line with my brand ethics, I took the decision that a Whist product would not contain any essential oils that are from these "at risk" species (like Sandalwood and Rosewood for example). Neither will I use oils that have huge impact on the planet, or a high carbon footprint. For example, in the method to extract Sandalwood essential oil, they have to destroy the entire tree. In my opinion, (and being a huge lover of trees), that is neither sustainable or ethical. 

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But, many of the essential oils I will not use have the most beautiful fragrances. In fact, Sandalwood is one of my favourite oils! These oils often add something to a product that other scent notes can't.

So, in order that I can bring these fragrance notes to Whist products,  I have spent many, many months finding a solution. I was finally able to find a supplier that produces "nature identical" oils, and shares my eco conscious, vegan and cruelty free ethics.

These nature identical components of the fragrance does mean that those elements are synthetic. BUT, the supplier I have partnered with is as passionate about clean products, and treading lightly on our planet as I am. An experienced and renowned perfume house, they do not make fragrance oils with any parabens, silicone, phalathates, PEG's or CR's (more informtion on this below). They have none of the toxins that many of the mass produced fragrance oils contain.

In fact, my chosen suppliers oils often contain essential oils and resins, alongside the ethically created synthetic components. The scents are as evocative and inspired as my essential oil blends. They are exquisite quality, creating the most elegant, unique and sophisticated scents. I love them all.

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I want to be crystal clear about which Whist products contain only esential oils, and which contain some fragrance oils. All of our Maple Leaf Melts contain these nature identical components, alongside essential oils. All other products in the Whist range contain only essential oils to create the scent, and nothing else.

 Whatever Whist product you choose to try, our fragrance promise is that we will always strive to bring you scents that enhance and elevate your space. They will be crafted and created with the journey and experience of the person burning it, absolutely at the forefront of our mind. 

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