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I know how difficult it is to make a decision when there is s much choice on offer
Hopefully, the fragrance menu will help. Here you will find full descriptions of all of the Whist candle and botanical wax melts fragrances. You will also see a note on the therapeutic aromatherapy properties that each blend may bring, and the reason behind why I created it
Warmest Regards,

 After The Rain

 After The Rain is inspired by the fresh, uplifting feeling that you get after rainfall. Everything smells new and clean. Grass looks greener. Flowers look brighter. Everything sparkles with light capturing raindrops. It feels like the Earth has been cleansed. I wanted to create a candle that captures this fresh, uplifting feeling, but also grounds us with woods and earthiness. I feel After The Rain does just that.

The opening, but subtle notes of this blend are fresh Orange, Lemon and Neroli. They are known to uplift and energise. As the light and mild citrus fragrance entwines with Ylang Ylang and various earthy wood notes, you are enveloped in an uplifting, soothing scent that just feels good
Benefits - Elevating energy, easing anxiety, soothing the mind             

 Alba Rose

Alba Rose evokes such nostalgia for me. I wanted to capture the happiness of childhood days. Long, balmy afternoons of summer sitting on warm grass in my Grandparents garden. Collecting daisy's to make a necklace, watching my Nan and Grandad dancing to Frank Sinatra in the kitchen as the dinner cooked.

Even then, I was fascinated by nature, and the beauty of flowers. The silky, gossamer like petals of the puffy pink heirloom roses my nan, (aptly named Rose), grew. Id gently pluck a few off, or collect the fallen petals, and mix them with water to create "perfume". The heady, captivating Turkish Delight scent leaving a veil of fragrance on my hands. The smell comforting, and always bringing a smile to my face.

My Alba Rose blend brings that same smile, and I am sure it will offer you the same. It's opening notes of vintage Alba rose, layered with white mimosa and a touch of geranium. Then, to bring a little rock and roll to the floral accords, pink pepper weaves through, bringing some earthiness. It is a scent of happiness.

Benefits - Brings a sense of comfort, relaxation and increase positivity


 Bohemia - an evocative, heady scent inspired by my years backpacking throughout Asia. Un-rushed, nomadic days that felt easy and adventurous. Bohemia is reminiscent of those heady, adventure filled days. The slightly sweet and floral scents of the floating markets. A rich earthiness of the wood oils softly entwined with the florals. Bohemia wraps you in a hug of reassurance, but with a hint of adventure. It feels carefree, and entices you to feel the same. 

The colours and vividness of the markets is captured with Ylang Ylang and Orange. Slightly smokey Patchouli is woven through, reminiscent of the insence burnt throughout Asia. Then, balance and grounding is added by the oils of Green Cypress Leaves
Benefits - Mood boosting, feeling carefree


This scent is a gently uplifting, mood elevating blend. Inspired by meandering around colourful, fragrant markets in Mallorca. Stalls laden high with natures seasonal gifts of ripe, fresh fruits. The aroma of freshly squeezed Canoneta oranges carrying on the warm air, accompanying our wandering. This scent transports me to happy memories of family holidays and togetherness
It makes me think of beautiful trees with their branches heavy with the green fruits of bergamot and sunset coloured oranges. Happy times that just make me smile
Benefits - Bringing a sense of ease, gently uplifting and awakening

 Fallen Leaves

Although Fallen Leaves was totally inspired by my love of Autumn, it is popular all year round. 

This fragrance makes me think of early Autumnal walks. The leaves are just starting to turn from varying shades of green, to burnished golds and warm coppers. There is a slight crunch underfoot as you walk amongst the trees, the newly fallen leaves being the instrument of that sound. It's childhood memories of collecting the shiniest conkers, then more recent memories of my own sons doing the same. It is pink cheeks and sparkling eyes from the crispness in the air, warming hands on flasks of hot chocolate being enjoyed whilst perced on fallen logs. 

Fallen Leaves is a light, grounding, woody blend, but with a slightly sweet, floral heart. It opens with the earthy, almost masculine wood notes, but is softened with the herbacious/floral combination of ylang ylang and geranium
Benefits - grounding energy, soothing and calming

 First Light

There is something beautiful about light streaming in through the windows as the day wakes up. It's like the hint of a promise of what the day could hold. Nature has a tendancy to really show off her beauty at sunrise, making it such a special time of day. This blend is inspired by the freshness and hope of a new day. 

First Light is a reassuring, stabilising aromatherapy blend. It has the mellow, calming properties of rich vetiver, ylang ylang, and slightly smokey pepper. Then, gently rising through the fragrance layers is a a hint of fresh spearmint to uplift and energise
Benefits - Restorative, mood elevating, all the feel good vibes

 Halcyon Hour

Inspired by the time of evening when the day eases it's pace, and everything slows a little. The sun is making it's way down the sky, work and chores are done for the day. It is time to start winding down, take a breath, maybe even pour a glass of your favourite tipple. Halcyon, meaning a peaceful, happy time, is what this blend was created for. A wish of a gentle easing of stress, from me to you. 

Calming Clary Sage and soothing Chamomile are entwined with a hint of English Lavender and a twist of Bergamot. The result is a soul soothing, restful layer of fragrance


Benefits - Sleep aid, relaxation, stress relief

 New Hope

Inspired by balmy summer days, and that uplifted, lighthearted feeling that sunshine brings along with it. New Hope is a clean, fresh blend of uplifting oils. The citrus burst of lemongrass sits on a herbal base of rosemary, making it a vibrant, invigorating blend. It’s like my nod of encouragement to always hope & believe in brighter days

**Purchases of this candle help support the amazing New Hope Animal Rescue in Kent**

Far to many animals do not receive the love and happy home they deserve, and it literally breaks my heart

I wanted to create a candle in honour of an animal rescue and rehoming charity that I have supported for many years. They are the last hope for many animals that society has thrown away. They are tireless in their drive to give every animal a chance, and love the unwanted


Benefits - Energising, harmonising and focusing the mind

This beautiful candle, made with pure essential oils, is incredibly grounding. I created it to re-create the feeling I have after meditation. The sense of stillness and calm. The sense of total grounding, with softness of heart to myself and others
I feel the same way when I walk in the woods, so I wanted this scent to be Earthy, but with a heart of gentle sweetness. The beautiful scent of Neroli brings this soft heart. It gently pushes through the herbaceous, earthy notes of Rosemary and Basil, creating something quite magical
I named this scent Nerola, after the 17th Century town in Italy famous for the sweet blossoms of the bitter orange tree. It is rumoured that their beautiful Princess, Anna Maria was enraptured with the orange blossoms, and had their blooms everywhere. She found peace and joy in the scent, just as I hope you will
Benefits - Grounding, stabilising mood, calming


I wanted to create a blend to replicate Spring in the English countryside. Vibrant greens and lemon yellows are dominant in the colour palette of Spring. Lush freshness the familiar scent
Verdant bring those colours, those scents of outdoors, in to your home. The blend is uplifting and hopeful, encouraging your mind to feel the same
The fragrance opens with the fresh, slightly camphorous accords of eucalyptus. It has a herbaceous heart of quintessentially English Thyme, bringing depth and warmth. Then, hints of zesty lemon and pomelo carry through to bring a little sweetness and lightness to the verdant blend. It’s The scent of the vernal equinox in a candle
Benefits - Energising, Uplifting, Elevating mood