Refillable Candles - Why we have introduced them

Back in 2021, when I launched Whist, my intention was to launch with refillable candles. However, insurance restrictions and a couple of other issues, hindered that. Using the signature frosted and amber glass vessels that we use in the Nature Collection, was not going to be possible for refills.

As a newly launched small business, I did not have the resources at the time to dive into the world of ceramics. So, I sat on the idea, knowing that the day would eventually come, that I could fulfil my wish of having a refillable candle collection.

The Start of the Whist ceramics journey

Instagram is an amazing tool for getting to know you, our customers. I absolutely love the community that we are growing on the platform. However, it is also great for finding other small businesses to collaborate with.

I first "met" Katie, our talented potter, on Instagram in 2023. I had been searching for a potter that created beautiful work, but also aligned with the Whist ethics of sustainability and nature. I was looking to have some bespoke wax melt warmers made, and I knew Katie was the one that could make my vision come to life. 

It was only natural that it would be Katie I would work with again, to create the Whist refillable candle collection.

The details

I genuinely, could not be more in love with our refillable candles. Is that ok to say about your own brand? They are just everything I wanted them to be. 

When I say that every part of our refillable range is handmade, it truly is. From the pattern and the pot itself, to the fragrance blend, and the final poured candle is all created by hand.

Katie used the hand drawn botanicals that we use in the Whist branding to create a print that has been pressed into the clay. Using these bespoke drawings give the subtle nod to nature that is the inspiration for our scents. Being an essential oils brand, every Whist fragrance is using what Mother Nature herself has supplied us with. It was important to me that this was represented in our vessels.

The colours our refillable candles come in, are all colours we use within our brand. The beautiful sage/olive green, the pale tan, the new addition of the vintage rose and of course, crowd pleasing white.

We used another small business to create the bespoke moulds that we make the refills for the ceramics in. These moulds were made to measure to ensure that the refills just pop straight into the empty vessel. 

From concept to launch, the refillable candles took about 7 months. It was a real labour of love, but I am so glad that we finally made them.

Why a refillable candle?

It may surprise you to know, that it is estimated just 8% of candle jars actually get recycled. With almost 25% of UK households regularly buying scented candles, that is a lot of candle jars. In fact, it is estimated that up to 35 million jars end up in landfill, every year. 

Whist is a brand with sustainability as one of our key ethics, so of course, we have always actively encouraged you to repurpose and reuse your candle jars. In fact, I often try to give you ideas in how to reuse and repurpose you're jars, (you can read about 10 ideas just here). But, I understand fully that there is only so many jars that can be used for makeup brushes, herb planters and pen cups. So of course, refillable candles is the sensible choice. If you are not yet convinced, read on...

3 Reasons to choose candle refills

Reason 1 for buying a refillable candle;

You are supporting two small businesses. Of course, buying a Whist product means that you are supporting both myself, and the businesses who I purchase my ingredients from (all UK businesses).  But, buying a Whist refillable candle means that you are also supporting Katie and her small business. Katie makes every part of our ceramic candle pots by hand in her small studio in Brighton. She is a passionate small business owner, and creating pottery that her customers love. I absolutely love that my business helps support other small businesses, so thank you from both of us if you choose one of the refillable's.

Reason 2 for buying a refillable candle;

It opens up a whole scent discovery journey for you.....and I absolutely love it!  Being able to just purchase one of our refills, means you can change your scent according to your mood or the season. It is a cost effective way to try other scents in the Whist range.

There are usually limited edition or seasonal scents every year, and these will always be available as a refill. This means that you can simply enjoy your refillable candle to it's very end, then swap your scent up with another offering. This can be done time and time again, so enjoy!

Reason 3 for buying a refillable candle;

You can use the vessel as a beautiful tea tumbler. Yes, you read that right. If you decide that you don't want to use your vessel to refill with a candle, then use it for your favourite hot beverage. 

The pots are totally dishwasher safe, so you can clean it out, pop it in the dishwasher, then use for drinks. I actually have a pair of the nude speckle ones as tea tumblers, and they are perfect for my morning cuppa.

Choosing your first refillable candle

There are currently four colours to choose from. My biggest tip would be to simply go with the one you are drawn to. Don't worry if it matches your decor or wall colours, just go with what you like. The candle pot can be refilled time and time again, so you want something that brigs you joy, rather than just matches your current wall colour. 

When choosing the blend that your first refillable will come with, read through the descriptions. Every single blend I create has been made with intention and purpose. I have used my experience as an aromatherapist to blend essential oils that bring you mental wellness, as well as scent your home. You will naturally find that you are drawn to one, and that could mean that it is because the wellbeing benefit is what you need right now. Trust your gut and let it guide you. Every blend is like a little wellness prescription, so go with what you feel.  You can always switch it up next time when you choose your refill.

I hope that you love our refillable candles as much as I do.

Kerry x











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