Sample Sale

This is for all of you bargain hunters - I do not believe anything should go to waste, so....
I have very strict quality control on Whist products, so some may not pass my exacting standards. However, their minor imperfections does not mean that they will not still provide beautiful fragrance. It just means that I feel I cannot sell them at full price
These items will be ever changing, and I do not anticipate them hanging around for long
The Whist sample sale could have anything and everything in it.
* Wax melts in scents that I trialed, but decided to not include in the core range
* Candles where the wick is slightly off centre
* Items that have a printing error or wonky label
* Wax melts that have an imperfection in their shape or a chip in them
* Will not be packaged in our usual Whist packaging
Anything really!