Meet The Maker

Hi, I'm Kerry, your candle maker and scent enthusiast. I'd love to extend my warmest welcome to you.

I thought I would introduce myself, and answer some of the questions I get asked the most by the lovely customers of Whist. 

Whist is a huge passion project, and I created it to be more than just home fragrance. I want my products to help aid your wellbeing and bring you joy. Id love my products to provide whatever you need from them. Be that simply a beautifully scented space. The backdrop to dinner with friends. The focus of an evening meditation. Part of your self care ritual. The fragrant atmosphere to cosy nights in. Whatever you need from them, scented candles have the power to do all of this, and ask for nothing in return. No matter what your day has contained, the steady flicker of candlelight is an eternally grounding presence, helping to light the way back to you.

I am so glad you are here,

Kerry x


 owner of whist candle company


A little about me

My route to starting Whist was perhaps a little unconventional, but seemingly looking back, a certainty. I left school to work in London, in the very sensible world of Banking. I knew very quickly that it was not for me, so just a year later, at almost 18, I packed up a backpack and set off with my boyfriend, (now husband) to travel the world. We lived a nomadic, carefree exsistence for a few years. Many of the experiences I had during that time changed the course of my life and began to shape who I am today. I am so grateful to those years, those experiences.

Throughout my career, I found I was at my happiest in a work environment, when it involved helping people's wellbeing. I had experienced my own struggles with poor mental health, so felt a real connection to helping people find ways to be gentler on themselves. This passion led to me owning a holistic and beauty treatment salon for many years, up until 2017. By this point my love affair with the planet, and passion for the environment, had become a whole lifestyle that I lived by. This passion led to me becoming a vegan travel and lifestyle content creator. I was also honoured to be invited to write a monthly magazine column, about living a more sustainable and eco lifestyle. 

owner of Whist candle company

So, I suppose Whist is a collision of all of my ethics and passions. My passion to help you find calm in the chaos of life is still my main drive. My absolute love of nature, and treading gently on it, is behind everything I do. My desire to create  aromatherapy candle products that help your home become a sanctuary, a calm atmosphere to retreat to, is always at the forefront. It feels like everything I have experienced in my various working roles, has culminated and evolved into being the backbone of Whist. You can read more about the story behind my brand here, in Our Story.  

I am so excited to be on this journey with Whist. It feels like I have wiggled in to the exact space I am meant to be in. 


Frequently asked questions 

What does "Whist" mean?

When I was thinking of names for my brand, I wanted something that was meaningful and spoke to my soul. Whist is an old, (14th century) English word. It means to hush, to pause, to be silent. It felt perfect as that is what I hope burning a Whist candle gives you. A moment to pause. 

Why do you use essential oils?

I trained in aromatherapy many years ago, and instantly felt a connection to it. I loved that nature had provided us with the exquisite, clean scent notes that we can create blends with. I also love the beautiful theraputic benefits of essential oils that have been enjoyed by people for hundreds of years. I personally find huge wellbeing benefits to filling my space with aromatherapy, and wanted to create that for others. Essential oils are much more costly for me to use as a candle maker than mass produced fragrance oils, (around 4 times as expensive), but I believe the benefit to the user is worth it. 

What is your favourite Whist candle blend? 

I always get asked this question, and always struggle to answer. The reason I strugge is because I adore them all, but also feel that I am drawn to whatever blend I need at the time. For example, Bohemia has been burning on repeat the last few days as I have been feeling energised and just loving life! It is my carefree, happy blend. However, if you were really pushing me to decide on a favourite, it would be First Light. I have a huge emotional attachment to it. It's a beautiful, gently mood elevating fragrance. It was the first candle blend that I perfected, and the one I burnt most nights when navigagting some very choppy waters. It is like a hug from a dear friend, I love it.

First Light aromatherapy candle

What is your best candle tip?

This one is easy for me to answer. Trim. Your. Wick. I cannot express this enough. It means your candle will burn cleaner and perform at its best.

If you had to give one self care tip, what would it be?

Personally, meditation has been instrumental in how I deal with things and navigate life. I meditate every single day, and have practised meditation for about 25 years. I would recommend that everyone has a meditation practise. Also, as an extra tip, dont believe that every thought you have is a fact! Our mind can be a cruel mistress!

Are your candles cruelty free?

Yes. A gazillion percent yes. I am a passionate animal rights activist and vegan. I have researched extensivly to ensure every Whist product is vegan and cruelty free.

Are essential oils bad for animals?

If your animal was to eat pure essential oils, then yes! The same as it would be harmful for them to eat most things in your cleaning cupboard, to lick your plug in air freshner or nibble on your fragrance oil candles. Whether your candle is fragranced by essential oils or fragrance ois, you should NEVER let your animals near enough to them to eat them. 

I hope that has given you a little insight into me!

Until next time,

Kerry x 


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