All About Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers - What are they and how do they work? 
This is a question I get asked a lot. So, I thought I would try to give a little information, dispel some myths, and offer some hints and tips on using a Whist diffuser.
So firstly, a little straight talking, shooting from the hip. Reed diffusers are not going to give the same depth of fragrance as a candle or wax melt. They are more of a back ground player, a veil, a soft, ever present gossamer layer of fragrance.
Naturally fragranced, plant derived essential oil diffusers like ours, also tend to be a little more subtle than synthetic, alcohol based diffusers. Just like in nature, the beauty of what a reed diffuser provides does not need to be shouty and in your face. It is more of a whisper that wraps around you, gently providing its aromatherapy benefits and scent. Beautiful, subtle, natural fragrance.
Reed diffusers remain an ever popular choice, as they are hassle, (and flame) free. This is why they are often used in rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms, where they can be left unattended. You simply pop your reeds that are provided, into the diffuser, and leave it to work it's magic. The fragrance usually starts diffusing after 24-48 hours. The only thing you need to do, is turn the reeds periodically. Thats it!
So, how do they work?
A Whist reed diffuser is constructed of three components. A base, fragrance and reeds. The base we use is plant derived and environmentally friendly. The fragrance in the most part, pure essential oils, (we do have one fragrance that is a mix of both essential oils, and premium perfume oil, which is Timperley) .
The reeds are full of microscopic channels, that soak up the fragrance. These channels allow the fragrance to travel up to the top, and emit the fragrance into the air. 
It may surprise you to know, that it is really important where a reed diffuser is placed. Unlike candles, diffusers work better in places where there is a little air movement. They love a little wafting air, as it allows their fragrance notes to dance out of the reeds! 
Places where they will be near opening/closing doors. In rooms that have a little traffic going through them. They do not work too well in hot rooms, as the heat dries the reeds out, stopping the diffusion. So, I would recommend not placing them on or too near radiators or in direct sunlight. They also work really well in small to medium sized rooms, as opposed to large, open plan spaces. 
Tip - If you are looking to scent a larger space in your home, I would recommend Bohemia or Timperley. Halcyon Hour or First Light are beautiful in bedrooms to enhance relaxation. 
Tips to get the most from your reed diffuser;
In the first week of a new diffuser, turn the reeds at least once, preferably twice to ensure full saturation of the reeds.
Then, turn the reeds approximately once a fortnight, or every three weeks. This will ensure they remain saturated all the way though. The ends that are exposed to the air, can dry out over time, so giving them a little turn will ensure the diffusing process starts again.
A Whist diffuser is supplied with 5 reeds. Pop all of the reeds in if your space is medium to large. You may find you need less reeds in a smaller room. 
When turning your reeds, please do so carefully. I would recommend turning them with your diffuser in an empty sink to prevent any spillages onto your surfaces. Alternatively, pop something down to protect your surface before turning. Always wash your hands thoroughly after. 
Our reed diffusers are 100ml, and should last between 8- 12 weeks. We offer a 200ml refill (with fresh reeds), to top up your Whist frosted/amber bottle when it is empty.
I hope that this information was useful. Reed diffusers are such a beautiful addition to scenting your space, I am thrilled that we are able to bring them to you as an option. I hope to expand the range of diffusers over time, bringing even more choice.
Until next time,

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